In 2 0 0 7  I took my first solo trip overseas. For eight months I traveled with a team throughout South Africa + Swaziland. I took more photos than I deemed was even possible. At that point in my life I had been taking photos for over five years but something significant happened on the trip: part of my heart was unlocked. The combination of taking photographs while in a third-world context released fresh creativity + a deep love for the human race. There is something significant about meeting someone where they are at–eating their food, watching their traditions, sitting in their space, exploring their land, hearing their stories, as well as, hearing their thoughts on life, love, humanity, faith, family, etc. It is hard not see the world from their perspective. And for me, it is also hard not to fall in love with that specific person or people group. I leave changed + with a greater appreciation for the power of human connection.


Since that first trip, I have desired to strengthen partnerships with old + new organizations, non-profits, socially conscious companies, etc. in order to tell untold stories. I believe that everyone has a story to tell + everyone deserves for it to be told well. All of the long flights, weird foods, crazy sicknesses, sleepless nights, near-death experiences + awkward moments are a small price to pay for the crazy honor of telling someone’s story. I look forward to the stories I get to tell in the future. I hope you will let me partner with you to tell it well.